Xentreix Dragonvond


Name: Xentreix (Zen-ah-trix) Dragonvond
Nickname: Nuri
Race: Genasi
Affinity: Stormsoul (part Watersoul)
Class: sorceress
Alignment: neutral good
Hair: dark brown
Eyes: emerald green
Age: 157
Height: 5’ 7
Professions: cooking & dancing


I am Xentreix. 1st born of Rafin Firesoul and Lialaps Watersoul. Yes, my parents are mixed affinities. This caused 9 of my sibling to be born and remain with no affinity at all, only my sister and I were born with natural power. When a Genasi spends too much time around another element or person with different affinity, we begin to take on that affinity. The process is painfully beyond description. This pain, is what caused my father to lose his mind and burn all of his children except my Watersoul sister Korin and I. My mother sent us away to Hestavar city as she battled to kill my father, we do not know who survived. Korin and I were adopted in Heatavar, tho as soon as she was old enough Korin moved away, we still write. I was educated in Hestavar and became a Sorcress of dragon nature as well as a cook and dancer. After decades of learning and study and loving homelife, one by one my adoptive family passed away (Genasi do not die of natural causes). Now, I go by the name Nuri and am ready for new companions, and a new adventure.

Xentreix Dragonvond

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