The Aremis Group

The Gathering

Or Who Wants a Suicide Mission

Our adventurers find themselves recruited by a mysterious blind man, to meet at a time and place in the future.

When they arrive, they find themselves at a facility of a group of people that claim to keep order in the world. They are told of their quest, and sent on their way.

The group splits up at one point, in the woods, some flying ahead to scout for the mansion. Upon finding it, they see it is protected by a force field, and have a troop of kobolds with two armored humans tied up. The group attacks when they see the kobolds approaching, and 5 of the 7 are killed or knocked out. Some of the group gets inside the force field, while the others patrol the woods, looking for other kobolds in the area.

The two armored humans help them inside the mansion, where darkness hallways and puzzles await them…



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