Who keeps the world of Chaos in order?

Hundreds of years ago, a powerful sorcerer named Aremis decided he had had enough of the death and destruction caused by the unknown upon the innocents of his world. So he began a group, one who would combat the unknown in a way that had yet been done. While starting small, it was successful, and news of it’s success began to spread. Soon, creatures were cataloged. Mystical artifacts vaulted up, the unknowable explained and deciphered. The world flourished while Aremis’s group was around, until the powers that be, those who would call themselves kings and emperors, decided that the power should rest with them, not locked away, forgetting what the world was like after a hundred years.

Aremis realized that they could not operate in the public, where people could watch and plot. So they vanished, along with most of their secrets. The world continued on without them, and made advances far surpassing anything that could have been dreamed of in the years before.

Soon, Aremis and his group, his organization, was forgotten, likely dead like he would be. But the mark they left on the world politically, technologically, and ethically would remain forever.

Though, there are some who say just because something disappeared from sight, does not mean it disappeared from existence…

The Aremis Group

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