Name: Vaygr
Race: Revenant
Class: Battlemind
Age: ?


Bio: Tough to know exactly what Vaygr looks like beneath his armor, he is little more than a ghost in the shell. Rumors tell of the horrific experiments undertaken by industrious, brilliant, and mad scientists inhabiting the steam-driven empires of the age. One such experiment was ‘Project Delta-9’ and aimed to create a piece of power-armor that embodied the best of both technology and psionic magic. The intent was to create heavily armored super-soldiers capable of bending matter with a mere thought, and wading into battle with blinding speed and inter-dimensional shifts. The actual product of this project, is far more horrifying.

Vaygr was likely a man at some point, perhaps a brilliant inventor, but this is no longer the case. when he first donned his wrenched armor it consumed him. his body disintegrated and his very essence dissolved to give the machine life and powers from beyond the scope of reality. but, despite his destruction, his soul and his thoughts still linger inside the sprawling mechanization of the armor giving thought and life to what would otherwise be cold, unyielding steel.


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