Ulric Mountaincleaver


Name: Ulric Mountaincleaver
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Barbarian
Previous Trade: Fur Trapper
Other Skills: Hunting, Killing
Weapons: Dual-Wielding War Axes
Age: 20
Description: Bald, very muscular, usually no shirt to show off his various scars, pants and boots are made from animal pelts, grey eyes.


I dunno, I guess I just wanted to kill stuff. That’s why I joined. Well, actually, it’s cuz I saved Adaleide from that nasty-ass troll. That nasty bugger almost tore me a new asshole. Hell, he would have, if I hadn’t torn him a new one first. Well, that, and if Adaleide hadn’t fixed me up real good I’d be dead as dead can be right now. I figured I owed her one for saving my life and all. Plus, y’know, she kinda needs the protection; she’s not really the strongest person. Or demon. Hrm.
Anyways, yeah, I saved her from the troll. She offered me a job protecting her and here I am. It’s nice being able to hit people without getting harassed by the guards. Because lord knows I need more trouble with the law. I’ve kinda been fighting since I could hold a hatchet. I was responsible for putting meat on the table, since Pa spent his days drinking and whoring his way through the money I earned hunting. Lazy bastard’s a shame to orc kind. Hell, the asshole got himself kicked out of his clan. Serves him right. Fucker.
The guy didn’t even bother to teach me how to hunt. Just shoved a hatchet in my hands (a hatchet that he stole from Gorak, by the way) and told me, “Go kill a pig or some shit.” But, oh man, that hunt was awesome. Hell, hunts in general are great. They’re easy, too. I don’t get why more people don’t do it. You don’t have to pay for your food, and you get far more than you’d be able to buy at any meat sales guy. Just stay quiet, stay low, and aim for the neck. A good sharp axe and a strong arm and a good eye will shear a deer’s head clean off its shoulders from twenty yards.

Ulric Mountaincleaver

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