Marston the Guerrant


Character Name: Marston the Guerrant

Class: Warlord

Race: Half-Elf

Age: 32

Weapon of Choice: Scythe

Alignment: Neutral


War, It brings out something in all men; some abhor it and search for peace, others profiteer and scavenge the remains of fallen soldiers, some use it to gain power, using the currency of blood to purchase some more fleeting years on a throne. But for some, war is more than that, to a select few, war is a way of life. These few are the Blessed of Korn, a small and wholly unpopular order of monks who dedicate their lives to the thrill and, to them, sacred order of war.

It is from this order that a Half-Elf, Marston the Guerrant, given his title by the Blessed, emerges. At his order’s command to fulfill his duty to Korn by reveling in and spreading battle across the land, Marston joined the Aremis Group. First and foremost dedicated to his order and his god, Marston is a gruff, strong man with little time for the frivolities of magic or personal gain. He seeks to push himself mentally and physically so that he may best spread the pleasure of warfare to the world, making enough money with the Aremis Group to direct himself further towards that purpose. His friendships are usually battle-hardened with great purpose; few and far between, and only with those tough enough to handle him and the trials of better. He knows the value of a good comrade on the front lines, however hard that might be to find.

Quote from Marston Guerrant, shortly before battle, inscribed by a young soldier in his war journal: “Men, I love war, I love every minute of it. I love the feeling of metal cleaving through bone and a warm splash of blood on my face. I love the screams of men charging to their death and the look of killing intent in a man’s eyes who, until now, has never even thought to hurt another. I love the lead the charge, I love to break the charge, to burn the rampart and smash the barricade. Even in loss, I love every second; men running for their lives, dying young fools crawling on the ground and yes, that sometimes include my own men. But before we charge into the glorious music of war, let me tell you the last thing I love about war. I love to win, and after years of practice, I can safely tell you: I am very, very good at it. So get ready to be stuck in, boys! We may die one day, but it is not this day! TO ARMS!”

Marston the Guerrant

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