Name: Carrot
Race: Kalashtar
Class: Artificer
Previous Trade: Cook
Other Skills: Alchemy, Ritual Casting
Weapons: Dagger
Age: 28
Redish-purple hair, mostly curly except for a couple tresses of straight hair in front; has a fake carrot tucked behind her ear
Purple-ish eyes


I used to work as a cook at Lord Tiragorn’s palace in the Silver Bog. I worked there for five years, the longest I’ve worked or stayed anywhere, and I was happy for the most part. Though I didn’t go in having a lot of experience as a professional cook I learned over time and quickly. I tended to study my rituals and alchemy at the same time as I cooked, and in my free time read history books and delved into the practices of an artificer. Sometimes I’d pull pranks with my rituals and potions on the other servants for some fun. They worked about half the time.
No, I’m not a normal Kalashtar. I’m not so serene and graceful and overly serious. I have a sort of condition that makes me waver between slight mania and depression. I like to have fun, believe it or not. But when those depressions hit, that’s when I display the behaviors that a mad Kalashtar shows.
I had to leave the palace after Lord Tiragorn fired me—the reason being he finally saw what happens when I get depressed. My potions exploded, the books caught on fire, the food was everywhere, and I was just sitting in a corner stabbing a slab of venison with my dagger over and over saying “I’m Carrot” trying to calm myself down.
All I wanted was a place where I could feel safe and study, but I guess that just wasn’t what was right for me. I felt something was missing in it, that I wasn’t going anywhere, and there was something else out there that could make me happy at last. Now I’m on the road again, not sure what to do. I love adventuring and exploring, but not just on my own. Isn’t there some job out there that let’s me do these things, with people that will except my eccentricity?


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